The word COOL is defined as calm, composed, controlled, and socially adept; characterized by great facility, high skills, and clever demeanor. The word COOL also defines Travys Harper, the up and coming phenomenon from “The Mecca Of The South” Atlanta, Georgia.

Travys, because of his socially adept nature, cool demeanor, and level of skill when it comes to rapping, has been affectionately dubbed: Bobbi Cool. Anybody who has ever held a conversation with him, been exposed to his southern dialect, clever lyrics, or even heard about him in buzzing conversation knows that
Travys “Bobbi Cool” Harper is his father’s only son and his mother’s first born child. He was born in Jackson, the capital of Mississippi. At the age of two, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Whether it is North Atlanta or Jackson, having lived in both areas, he has been representing his cities ever since.
He attended Berkmar High School in North Atlanta (Gwinnett County). His passion for music developed at the age of sixteen under the production of Ranch $O$ (pronounced sauce). True artist at heart, Travys graduated from high school and attended Auburn University where he majored in Industrial/Environmental Design and Architecture. However, he always devoted attention and remained focused on his love for music.
Recently, when asked: “What does Bobbi Cool bring to the music industry?” His reply was: “I bring a southern drawl that has been nurtured by the likes of UGK, Eightball & MJG, Scarface, Outkast, Ice Cube, No Limit, Playa Fly, Three Six Mafia, The Hotboys, and other rappers of their caliber.” He elaborates on the fact that his style of music is diverse on many levels and does not fit into any specific genre or label. A style that his audience can see, hear, and feel and make the interpretation themselves.
If you have ever listened to a Bobbi Cool track, you know that his music is easily depicted as the music you would listen to on a soulful sunday in the park mixed with the sharp edge of the streets and titillating club scene. Being able to diversify his sound is one of the aspects of Bobbi Cool that sets him aside from many of the artists in the present day industry or not. “At the end of the day you have to remain true to yourself. My audience is most important to me…then the world. I feel my music! If I didn’t feel my music; I couldn’t expect anyone else to.”
Truthful and intelligent in his conversation, Bobbi Cool is not just a rapper; he is an ARTIST. You can expect relevance in his music, confidence in his demeanor, and a balance of humor that keeps  on the tip of your tongue.